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View from above Eze, looking back towards Nice on D2564

We enjoying renting scooters or motorbikes to get around easier and to see more. In late September, while renting a place in Vieux Ville de Nice, we rented a 125cc scooter and headed east from Nice toward Menton. Along the way we passed through Villefranche, toured around Cap Ferret viewing the spectacular homes and mansions, Monaco with its towering highrises and luxurious casinos, and port filled with superyachts, and finally Menton which is a favorite of ours. We rented it at noon and kept it for 24 hours and ended up costing, including fuel, less than 90 dollars. What a deal.

At Cap Ferret we stopped at the port for a bit, and then went up Av. Jean Mermoz to Paloma Beach. There is an excellent pathway here around part of the point, an arm of it, called the Promenade des Foussettes. Takes you right around one of the points of Ferret and is quite picturesque. There is also the Rothschild mansion on the Cap, and you can turn the gardens. On the Cap is also the summer home of Leopoldo of Belgium.

From Cap Ferret we continued along the road/highway closest to the shoreline (D6098) through small towns such as Beaulieu-Sur-Mer, Cap d’Ail and then Monaco. We drove up and down a number of the streets in Monaco, saw the Casino and the Strip, but the highrises and the compactness of all the buildings gave us claustrophobia and we moved on.

Next stop was Menton. A lovely seaside retirement town. Not overly built, no huge high-rises, a nice beach and port and quaint town with its’ winding streets. We enjoy going over to Menton for lunch and a swim, either driving or taking the train.

The next day we left at 9AM and headed up into the hills behind Nice. We took highway D2564 going east towards Eze. This road is also called the Av. des Diables Bleus (the Blue Devils) and passes above Eze providing some spectacular views of the Cote d’Azur coastline and Eze. When going up, you’ll see a turnoff to Eze at D46, but keep going to get the dramatic views. You’ll comes to D45 and you can take this back down to Eze, or go back down to D46, which has also some great views of Eze as you snake back and forth down this steep road.

Eze is a dramatic cliff top town with spectacular views of the coast. To see the best views you’ll need to purchase a ticket into the garden area. It costs 6 euros but is well worth it. The garden itself is full of all types of cacti and well labelled in both French and English. As well, you’ll find information about the history of Eze. It can get crowded with people, as most of the cruise ship people are taken here, and every bus tour as well seems to end up here. On our second visit we went around 10:30 and it was much better.