We have moved into a new period in our lives. It’s been in process for some time, but recently has been sped up because of our need to be in Europe more for family reasons and because of the recent sale of a property we have in Vallarta. We are down to one “home” now, a home that we actually own, however it is located in a place where we don’t expect to be for more than 4-6 months of the year. For the rest of the year, we’ll be renting (and visiting relatives!). (Update 4/4/13)

With the sale we also sold some of our toys; a sailboat, an ATV and a jet ski. We had a lot of fun with them over the years, but they do demand upkeep, and when you aren’t there all the time to take care of them, or use them, they break down. So it was good to pass them along to someone else who can make good use of them like we did at one time.

We plan to live more in Europe, but we have no intention of buying anything at this time. Flo owns a place in Paris with her siblings, so that’s available for us to use at times. And there is the cottage in Noirmoutier where her mother spends most of her time, which we can visit. But we plan to have our European base in Nice, where our daughter is. It’s the best place we’ve found so far in France (and believe me, we’ve been looking!) to have a second home.

But we don’t intend to purchase in Nice, just rent, initially. We won’t purchase a car or motorbike/scooter, we’ll rent them when we need them. We want to sail, so we’ll charter. We want to ski, so we’ll rent the equipment. And we’ll want to keep our personal items as much as possible to just being clothes.

There are a number of technological advances that help make being a nomad much easier. We love books, but these now can be kept on a Kindle or an iPad. That is very cool. Even if I have a hard copy, if I really like the book I’ll also buy a digital version so I can always have it with me. So much of what I do, with regards to writing or work with the company, is now done in the cloud and digitally. I have access with my office all the time. All my photography is with me, as it my music. Apple has made it much easier for us to be part-time nomads.

Nice will be our base to go out and explore parts of Europe, by train, plane, car and bike.

Having a resort property is nice, but it can be an anchor, a weight. There are costs for upkeep, which get expensive when you only use them a few times of the year. You also feel that since you have it, and it costs you, that you need to use it. So you don’t get out and explore other places. This is the type of property we sold. The money we had invested in it can now be invested in our financial portfolio and the return from it can be used to visit other places, along with the money we were spending on upkeep but now are retaining.

We also want to spend more time in Canada, where my family is, and for that we plan to spend time at my father’s place, who has a suite in the basement and a great location overlooking a lake (over 50 and moving back in with the parents!). It is difficult to get around Canada (like the USA) without a car, so we plan to buy a used one. And we also plan to buy a couple of bikes and paddle boards, as they will be major activities for us, and they are not as easy to rent. But there is plenty of space for them at my father’s.

However wanting to live in three places that are thousands of miles apart means a lot of traveling. Over the past year I’ve made five trips over the Atlantic, and three to Canada from Mexico. Hopefully this will not be a regular occurrence, but I foresee at least a couple of trips over to Europe during the year.

So this next stage of our lives will be a little nomadic. We will have a home we own, but will be there a few months of the year. The other months we rent or stay with family. Wonder how long this will last!