If you’ve decided you want to have a more nomadic lifestyle, and spend most of your time during the year on the road, then you better be organized. You’ll be exchanging your past allotted work time for “getting-organized-to-travel” time. There’s a lot involved to set up accommodations, transportation and what to see and do for a full year. Here’s some tools to help you out:

1. Educate yourself about the places you’ll be going to (including its history).

  • Wikipedia (just a great source of information)
  • Lonely Planet (the forums can be quite good here)
  • Fodors
  • Frommers
  • Regional area websites (Search for the destination in Google and see what sites come up. This is where we get most of our information on a destination. Here’s a GREAT one for France, as an example). I’ll get a list going one day…

2. Search for the best airfares (But don’t necessarily buy from them, just check best prices. It can be crazy trying to make changes or get refunds, which does happen at times. If you’ve booked directly with the airlines or hotel, your chances are much better)

3. Search for the interesting, well-priced, unique accommodation (Check out the advice given for point #2)

4. Plan your trip to ensure you have the ability to properly take in all your vacation will have to offer you and you have all the information about your trips available in one, easy to access, place.

  • Tripit (Great place to keep all reservation information and more…)
  • Google Maps (Map out all your itineraries and mark places to visit with “My Places”
  • Offline Maps (If you don’t always have access to WiFi or the Internet, these maps are great)
  • Google Translate (Works very well when you aren’t familiar with the local language)

5. Allow flexibility for change

  • Spontaneity can be a good thing, and having easy access to the Internet to see what’s available at the spur of the moment, makes it possible.
  • Don’t book with online travel sites, it can be so difficult to make changes when you need to.