Went skiing last week in Auron (France). After a couple of hours we stopped for a break before lunch for something to warm us up. The waiter came over and I asked for a coffee mocha. He looked at me strange. So I explained to him it was a drink with a combination of both coffee and hot chocolate. Then he really looked at me weird, a look that said, “Coffee, and chocolate, together?”. I realized the only way I’d get a coffee mocha is if I ordered one of each and mixed them together at the table. So I ordered a coffee creme. He then brings me my coffee and on the plate beside the cup, as it customary to do in French cafes, is a piece of dark chocolate, to bite into and then allow to dissolve in one’s mouth with the coffee. I looked at it, and then up and him, and he says, “Quoi?” I didn’t even want to go there. So I just drank my coffee with the piece of dark chocolate, and pretended it was a coffee mocha.

Ahh, so French….