Early last year I wrote about the new nomadic lifestyle we were undertaking in a post. Well, it didn’t last long. Last month we purchased an apartment in Nice, France and it looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time here. Nice is just a wonderful place with the Mediterranean in front, Alps behind and Italy right next door. The weather is probably the best in France. The town people are friendly, transportation services are great and currently it is undergoing some super infrastructure projects that will really make Nice shine in the near future. It’s actually an exciting time to be here.

The apartment is right in the heart of Nice so we can walk everywhere, and do. We recently took possession and began renovations last week. It was a three bedroom but we have removed a wall between two of the bedrooms to create one large one. We also removed a wall between the livingroom/dining room and the kitchen creating a larger living area. Renovations should take about a month so we should be moved in by mid’ May. So far the purchase and renovation process has been relatively hassle-free. We went to our first HOA meeting last week and it seems homeowner’s associations everywhere, in Canada, USA or Mexico (where we’ve been in HOAs) deal with the same problems. It was the same here, except it was in French.