We’ve been back in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico since December, making no posts about our stay as it has been back to our regular routines and not involving “travel”, which is the theme of this blog. Vallarta for many years was home, and in some ways it still is, but just for 3-4 months out of the year.

We didn’t spend much time in Vallarta last year so there was a lot of catching up to do with friends, some we hadn’t seen in two years. So lots of dinner and cocktail parties, perhaps too many! Got in a lot of golf and surf as well and the weather was one of the better years. Bought a new carbon fiber board and that’s changed my SUP style, much to the better. Some rain and clouds over the Christmas time (felt very sorry for the tourists who were here during that time, the most expensive time of the year), but other than that it has been clear blue skies mostly since.

But the humidity is starting to come back, so it’s time for us to be thinking about what needs to be packed up and taken back to Nice. We have a busy schedule this year, actually won’t be in Nice much until the Fall.

  • April: Road trip to Bordeaux and Dordogne
  • May: Sailing in Turkey
  • June: Sailing in Croatia
  • July: Noirmoutier and Paris
  • August: Vancouver
  • September: Mexico
  • October-December: Nice

And then it will be back to Mexico for the winter. We have friends who are taking their 75′ yacht from Vancouver to Europe starting this summer and we want to join up with them next year along the Eastern seaboard and the crossing to Europe that summer. Chance of a lifetime so want to take in as much of it as we can.