I haven’t posted in some time, usually don’t during our time in Mexico. But we are back in France so time to get geared up for travel plans for the new year. We spent the winter in Puerto Vallarta, as we usually do, but this year was a different. During our four months there we finalized the sale of our primary business, one that we had been active in for more than 25 years. It involved, over the years, both local and national magazine publishing, marketing for our boutique hotel group throughout Mexico (Mexico Boutique Hotels), boat shows (Mexico Boat Show), and a number of other services we enjoyed very much over the years. But as of 2016, that’s all over with and now someone else’s responsibility. Retirement is no longer on the horizon, it is here and now.

And therefore we have even more time to work and partake on travel plans. So here it is:

  • April: Drive to Avignon to meet up with a number of friends from my hometown back in Canada that are doing a barge/bike trip from Avignon to the coast.
  • May: Lisbon and the Azores. We have friends taking their yacht from Charleston to the Azores as they are repositioning their home and travel plans to Europe. We’ll meet up in the Azores and also in Lisbon when they make shore.
  • July: I’m in Canada, Flo is in Portugal.
  • August: Family time in Noirmoutier.
  • September: Back to Portugal to meet up with even more friends from Canada that will be in the Algarve during the fall.
  • November: Back to Mexico

We also plan on buying a motorbike in the fall so that we can tour around Portugal and bring back to Nice with us. We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but I needed to have European residency in order to buy the bike and be fully insured. Our (bike) time has come.