About the site

This site was created to help us remember where we’ve been, what we’ve done, what we liked and did not when traveling. This way it’s readily available if we return, or if friends ask for recommendations. Too often we forget the names of great restaurants, or all the towns start blurring together and you start thinking one thing is in one town, when it’s actually in another.

However, it’s also a way to give back. We’ve benefited greatly from others who have been there ahead of us and spent the time to put it all down in similar blogs and travel sites so its available for others such as us. So with this site, we are doing the same – reciprocating.

The type of travel featured here is one that is usually well planned before we go on a trip, but that leaves us open to quick changes, forced or by choice. We don’t use travel agents, nor do we book with travel operators; we do it ourselves. We travel by car, train, boat and plane. In cities we do a lot of walking and biking but also utilize the metros. And we also enjoy sailing with friends using charter companies. This form of travel is more adventurous, but also more demanding. There’s no one there to translate for us or provide directions (although having three languages between us helps) when seemingly lost. (Flo wants to ask strangers for directions at the slightest hint of being lost, where as John wants to figure it out on his map – but that’s a male/female thing, no?)

Figuring out how the metro or train systems work can be a little challenging at first, but certainly doable. Learning how to use the public bike systems, such as the Velib in Paris, is definitely worth doing. However that’s part of the joy of travel. Things will happen, good and bad. But even the bad things can turn into memorable experiences later on, or can turn into a good thing – you never know. Sometimes not knowing fully what you are up to next can be a liberating experience. Just go with the flow (or the Flo..).

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