The Canadian Rockies – Icefields Parkway

Moraine Lake and the Moraine Lake Lodge

One of the most beautiful drives in North America is between Banff and Jasper, in British Columbia, called the Icefields Parkway. Spectacular mountain range that offers plenty of incredible viewpoints. We were blessed with great weather during the whole trip.

We’ve got a photo in here of Clearwater, which isn’t along this route, but we started our trip in the Okanagan, headed north through Kamloops, over to Jasper, down to Banff, and then through the Kootenays, returning to the Okanagan. About a 12-day trip.

Places to see:

  • Peyto Lake: Just off the Parkway and a short walk up to a incredible viewpoint of the lake.
  • Moraine Lake and Lodge: Just beautiful. Great, although a workout, trail along the left side of the lake to a high viewpoint (photo below of the lodge was taken from there. Great for canoeing and lots of trails.
  • Maligne Canyon Trail: Very nice walk along the canyon, incredible viewpoints.
  • Athabasca Falls: Along the Parkway.
  • Johnston Canyon Trail: Beautiful, great walk/hike, but as most places, get there early to beat the crowds.