Covid Videos

After being stuck inside for awhile during Covid we started getting a little antsy, bored, in need of something to keep us occupied. So we began making videos to entertain ourselves, our friends and family members. And we learned a few things about making videos along the way.

Week Five of Covid Confinement
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Flojohn Travel Magazine

This magazine is something I recently created from the content of this blog, which is about our travels and what we’ve been up to over the past year. In my previous life I was a magazine publisher and frankly, I’ve missed the process of putting a magazine together. So I decided to make one from all the photography I’ve gathered and stories I’ve posted on this blog. Thanks to short-run printing, I’ve also printed a few copies, but just for family.

Aging and the Brain…


This post is a little different than those previously posted, but it’s relevant for all of us, no matter what age you may be at.

A couple years ago a friend recommended a book called “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher at the faculty of Columbia University. Dru had stumbled upon the book when investigating how one could recuperate from brain damage caused by a stroke, as her father had recently suffered one. Although that was her principle area of interest, she found the book to contain much more. In fact, each chapter is a journey undertaken by Doidge who travels to discuss with medical experts and neuroscientists what they have learned about the brain’s ability to change itself.

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Obtaining a Driver’s License in Portugal

(If you’ve ever had to deal with bureaucratic red tape, you’ll love the short clip above)

We became residents of Portugal in 2017. Initially we purchased a small apartment in the Alfama area, the old town district of Lisbon, and then began the process of establishing everything else that comes with residency – bank accounts, home services, tax accountants, and deciding whether to buy a car/motorcycle or not, or both. We decided on both. And that’s where the fun began.

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For expats, where exactly is “home”?

I was interviewed yesterday for a online publication whose theme was about people who move to foreign countries and set up businesses. After the interview, Flo and I talked about what such a move involves regarding family and the concept of “home.” I ended up sending the text below to the guy who did the interview. I think many of you could relate to this as well…

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Work and Play

This past week we decided to take the #81 bus up to Eze from Nice and hike one of the trails close by. We chose a marked trail that would take us up to the Fort de La Revere (and goes by the same name), which is about a 4 km hike and would takes us a couple of hours. It’s a loop that leaves Eze, heads north and upwards, and there returns back down to Eze village. And all along the way there are amazing views looking back at the Cote d’Azur coastline. On this particular day the air was clear and you could see far down the coast towards Antibes and Cannes.

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