Following Flo…

Seems wherever we go, I’m always a few steps behind Flo. Everyone now and then she’ll turn around and give me a look that says, “What, another photo?” or, “Can’t you at least sometimes walk beside me?” Can’t quite keep up to the girl sometimes. So I started taking photos of her from me trailing behind her, and have collected quite a few of them.

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Lifestyle Navigation

Lifestyle NavigationBack in my 20s, I had an idea for a book that I wanted to write, and actually did begin working on it, whenever I had the time. But most often there was not enough time. Recently I’ve had more time on my hands and so thirty some-odd years later, I finally managed to finish it.

It has probably been one of the hardest things I’ve done. Close to a couple hundred books were read and studied, looking for commonalities or ideas that struck home to me. Once written I found that the editing process took nearly as long as writing the book. Then I had the page layouts and cover to design to do. And when that was all done, I had to figure out how the digital publishing world works. Needless to say, I learned a lot along the way.

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There’s something about paths that I find intriguing and appealing in a number of ways. Where do they lead to? Who has gone on this path before me? Where would it take me? So what is around that next bend in the path? The end is usually not visible, just a portion of the journey is, and to see more you must take the path to discover what is around that next corner. And usually around the next curve of the path there is yet another one, and then another, yet again concealing what may lie ahead, beckoning and teasing one to journey onward. Twisting and turning the path draws me forward, my curiosity getting the best of me; what is around that next corner?

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The French and their bread…

For the French, bread is a major part of their lives. And if you are going to be involved in their lives, you better pick up on the rules of bread etiquette for the results could be unpleasant . You don’t mess with their food!

Mornings start usually with brioche–a light, white bread, slightly puffy, enriched with eggs and butter (not low-cal) with a dark golden and flaky crust. Its the stuff Antoinette offered to the French when she was told they were rioting over not having enough bread. And we know how well that turned out (for those not too up on European history, think French Revolution). Or, they’ll settle for leftover bread from the night before that they cut up and heat in the toaster making it eatable again. This is about the only time they’ll make due with leftover bread. Continue reading “The French and their bread…”