Lunch in Auron, France

There had been a lot of snow coming down in the mountains behind Nice lately, so we decided to go up and check out Auron, a place we’ll be skiing at in the new year. We took the #250 bus that leaves from the Nice train station, with a stop at the airport. Amazingly, the two-hour trip cost only 1 euro each. A similar trip, roughly same distance and time, from the Vancouver airport to Whistler, costs $63 dollars each. So for two euros each our transportation was taken care of up to the hill and back.

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is amazing, but this road is, in my opinion, even more spectacular. The valley continues to narrow, until it becomes a canyon with barely enough room for the road to eke through. The road hugs the cliff, often with it overhanging the road, like a half-tunnel. And there are a number of full tunnels as well. In some places there isn’t even enough room for that, so they have built ramps out over the river that runs through the canyon, for the road to pass. I was glad I wasn’t driving, especially with fresh snow on the road.

We had a wonderful lunch at the La Brasserie, which is on the main plaza and right in front of the gondola lift. Recommend it. More when we hit the slopes in February…

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