Sunday in Ventimiglia, Italy

It’s become a bit of a tradition now, when in Nice on a Friday and not much else is planned, to take the train over to Ventimiglia, an Italian town on the coast just on the other side of the border and about a 1/2 hour from Nice. It is quite a large market that meanders along the coastal boardwalk, featuring clothing, leather goods, scarfs and shoes at one and food booths at the other. We usually always stock up on parmesan cheese (try the samples to get the one that you like best) and wonderful salami sausages. I think it’s a decent market and enjoy going. But do avoid it in the summer months, there’s just way too many people.

After the market take the pedestrian bridge over the river to visit the old town of Ventimiglia. Nothing special really to see in the town, but there are great views of the newer part of the town from here. And then at the end of the promenade that leads out to where the new port is being built, is a favorite restaurant of ours called Basta Pasta. Amazing pastas they make fresh and you can choose from 20 different sauces. Very large helpings so you may want to share, and that way save room for the desserts which are exceptional.

The crowds, however, can be a little too much, especially during the holiday times. The train can get very packed and the crowds make walking through the market difficult. Instead, go on a day other that Friday. There are still some great stores and a wonderful in-door market (only open in the mornings) on the main street leading down from the train station that sell all sorts of foods and other items. Over by the church, at Ruffino 10, is the Centro Alimentare, which is our favorite store for shopping, with a wonderful selection of cheeses, wines & alcohol, pastas and condiments. For those that like Limoncello, a favorite of mine is made by Petrone from Naples, which uses more of the peel of the lemon, giving it a bitter, less sweet, but richer taste. It is sold at this store and costs on 10 euros.

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