Paddle Boarding to Monaco

It was the 21st of November but the weather was still warm and beautiful, so we loaded up a friend’s car and headed for Cap D’Ail to do some paddling. We parked at the train station, which is right beside the coastal “sentier” walk into Monaco. This is one of our favorite walks in the area. I blew up the paddle board and started towards Monaco while Flo followed along by the coastal path.

Hardly any wind made for easy progress, just over an hour to get to Monaco. Helicopters were flying in and out steadily (I don’t know how people live here with all the noise). Went around the breakwater of the Monaca marina but didn’t want to go any farther in as there were too many boats coming in and out. So I took a couple of pictures and then headed back.

Helicopter base, me just off of it...
Helicopter base, me just off of it to the left…

A very picturesque coastline that, except for Monaco, has not been overly built. Still green areas and parks and the coastline of rugged rock makes it all the more interesting.

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  1. How far did you paddle? Did you run in to any other paddlers on this trip? Be good to dead head and have Flo pick yup up at the other end.
    Got 3 new inflatable SUP boards on board now. Trying to get Ted out on the boards. But I am mostly going out on my own. Still a little shaky. Bring your board and we can all go as a foursome. Does Flo board?

    1. I’m not sure how far it was, but it was just over an hour in each direction. Not too many paddle boarders over here yet, so I was the only one. Although as I was getting out another one passed. Flo walked along the coast while I boarded, and there was no wind so making it back wasn’t a problem. But when there is wind that’s the way to go, with the wind and then have someone pick you up. Great to hear you have 3 on board, was wondering if I should bring one or not. I still might, as I want to buy a new one and would most likely buy it in Mexico. Flo does board, although not for a long haul!

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