Hike to Mont Bastide

This is one of the most accessible and flexible hikes around Nice. It allows for a short hike to a great viewpoint, or a more sportive three-hour hike, and a few hikes in between. Mont Bastide is the mountain that is just before Eze. When you pass over the bridge to Eze, your back is to Mont Bastide; the bridge joins Mont Bastide to Eze. Here’s the hikes that are possible to Mont Bastide.

  1. Eze to Mont Bastide
  2. Eze circuit to Bastide, down to Eze-Sur-Mer, and back up to Eze
  3. Plateau de Justice to Mont Bastide
  4. Plateau de Justice to Eze (via Mont Bastide)

Bus #82 from Nice provides you all these options. You’ll find its first stop at Max Barel, just up behind the port. You can get off at Eze to do hikes #1 and #2, or continue on #82 to its final stop at Plateau de Justice, and then do hikes #3 and #4. Getting back involves the same stops, in reverse.

If you want a simple hike to a great view, do #3 and perhaps carry on to Eze (it is all down hill). A moderate hike is from Eze to Mont Bastide. And a great challenge is from Eze to Eze (Hike #2) – which if you take your time, is fine, although the final leg from the ocean to Eze on top is a thigh burner.

Eze is a great place for lunch, although it gets very busy; so you may want to try one of the restaurants along the road rather than in the village, which will probably be less busy and expensive, and probably offer better quality of food (less touristy). Or, pack a lunch and have it on top of Mont Bastide. Don’t forget the rosé.

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