Cote d’Azur Hike: Tete de Chien

This hike starts off in Cap d’Ail and heads straight up the hill and mountainside to the “Tete de Chien”, the massive rock that sits above and behind Monaco and Cap d’Ail. Easy to get to with the #100 bus. This is one, though, that I recommend using your smart phone with Maps as the path can be difficult to find at times, and they do show well on both Google and Apple Maps.

Monaco Coast
Monaco Coast and Tete de Chien in the distance

The path goes up one side providing western views all the way, while coming down it is on the eastern side overlooking Monaco, Menton and Italy. And when you get to the top you can take in an amazing panoramic view where you see Italy, Menton, Monaco, Cap d’Ail, Beaulieu, Cap Ferrat, Nice and even Antibes, on a clear day. It is a big of a challenging hike, allow 3-4 hours to complete it. And for the lazy one’s you can drive to the Chien along the upper corniche road.

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