Puerto Vallarta

The weather in Puerto Vallarta has been spectacular this year, one of the best that I can remember. Back when the real estate market was booming (2002-2010), I would have to take aerial images of the coastline of the region once a year, because there were so many changes with new project being built. Because of the slowdown, I haven’t had to do aerials in about five years, but probably will need to next year.

One of the problems I had with taking aerials is that the best time was in the fall/winter when the mountains were still green and lush. But there was often a mist that hung over the mountains, and the sunlight would reflect off this, wrecking what would otherwise be good photos. And often in the later part of the day, which is the best time to take photos, clouds would roll in from the south, cover the sun and mountains, making it impossible to take good photos.

Well, this year was certainly different. There have been at least 50 great days or more, where I could’ve gone up and took amazing images. For most of the season the air has been blue, clear and crisp, and little mist or afternoon clouds.

I haven’t take aerials this year, but I have been going around and taking pictures of the different regions of Vallarta, to update the regions pages of our website. I thought I’d share some of them.

Central Vallarta

Lots of activity in downtown Vallarta these days. Old homes and buildings are being torn down to put of boutique condo buildings with rooftop pools, bars and terraces, that overlook the bay. With prices are $250,000, they’ve been quite popular.

Marina Vallarta and the Hotel Zone

Not a lot of changes in the marina or along the Hotel Zone, but they are good areas to live in as they are close to the airport, shopping, and not too far from downtown (and avoiding the city noises).

La Cruz and Bucerias

La Cruz and Bucerias are two small towns to the north of Puerto Vallarta, that have been popular with Americans and Canadians for many years. La Cruz is especially popular with boat cruisers, who use the marina of La Cruz or moor just outside.

Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is “new” Vallarta, with gated developments, golf courses, beach clubs, large beachfront hotels and condominium projects  – a little something for everyone. It’s situated along the longest beach of the beach, stretching from Marina Vallarta to Bucerias.

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